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Dr. Catherine Clune-Taylor


Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor in the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University, specializing in Feminist Science and Technology Studies. I study, write, speak, and teach about the social, political, and ethical dimensions of the ways that science, technology, and institutions come together to shape people's lives, and the possibilities for living and dying available to them. I specialize in the areas of philosophy of science (esp. biology and medicine), feminist theory, philosophy of sex, gender, and sexuality, and ethics (esp. bioethics). I also speak, teach, and write about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the academy and within STEM as issues of both justice and epistemic rigor. Finally, I am passionate about the rights of folks with intersex conditions to make autonomous medical decisions about their embodied, sexed, and gendered futures and am honored to serve as Co-President of the Board of Directors for InterACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth.


I am on sabbatical until September 2024 and am limiting my speaking engagements during this time to prioritize research, reading, and rest. If you are interested in booking me to speak on my research, or issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (particularly in the academy or in STEM), please email cc41 at

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